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Fear of Public Speaking

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"The brain rules and controls each and every cell in your body. However, its commands come from your subconscious. Every activity, whether or not consciously intended, is the direct response from the subconscious mind. Ultimately, it is the connecting link that provides the basis for understanding the entire universe. Through hypnosis, the mind may be guided to provide healthier and happier living for individuals."

— Dr. Michael D. Preston
Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind

Fear of public speaking can be managed.

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Hypnosis and the Fear of Public Speaking

Making personal presentations with excellence whether before a few or a large crowd is an essential element to success in any field.

Is public speaking something that you are striving to do? Has your anxiety and nervousness hampered you in this particular area? Have you not been able to manage your inner critic? Have you not been able to let go of previous negative experiences that have left you with unease and even fear when you need to do another presentation?

Once you are able to successfully manage this aspect of your career, your confidence will soar.

There is a reason that Public Speaking is the number one fear of man. It has most to do with feeling like we are less-than or worse, we are somehow looking foolish or silly. There might be fear of embarrassment and failure.

All these items are easily addressed utilizing a combination of therapeutic assessment, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis. Just last week, I had the pleasure of working with a professional woman whose job performance was largely based on her ability to do great presentations. After assessing her, it was apparent that she had had a number of negative experiences involving anxiety and embarrassment in her younger life that were indeed causing her problems now.

Hypnosis is the most effective

There are many ways to deal with it. The most effective I have found is hypnosis. Yes! Hypnosis allows for changing old patterns of belief and recreating a new set of beliefs that engender confidence and readiness for public speaking. This entails immediate accessibility of coping skills to manage tension and stress as well as creating imagery that allows for excellence.

The inner dialogue that accompanies this fear can be managed and made to work for you. All people have within the subconscious mind a reservoir of talents and abilities that can be accessed through hypnosis. And...yes! You can be hypnotized to dip into that reservoir.

In this time of economic and job insecurities, you want to draw upon every ability and talent you have to get yourself ahead in this job market.



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