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Leadership Crisis Solutions

When a crisis in a workplace environment occurs whether it be an industrial accident, the aftermath of a destructive storm or workplace violence, the leadership is challenged.  Leaders must learn how to prepare themselves for their role in what Leadership Crisis Solutions (LCS) defines as the new normal. The old normal is forever changed.
The needs of the employees changes significantly and the leaders have to address these new needs. The employees have to be prepared with newer understandings and newer skills to not only deal with what has happened but to move through the process to a much better place. The leaders themselves also have to learn how to deal with their own personal responses to the crisis.

LCS provides a system that assists the leadership to become stronger and more aware than ever. Our approach ensures improved leadership competence in the aftermath of the crisis with overall improvement in business performance.

Jerry Mabe, executive coach with right path consulting and Pat Jones, psychotherapist have joined in the establishment of Leadership Crisis Solutions to provide the assistance to leaders in crisis situations.



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