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Pat was my first experience with a therapist. I was having a difficult time and ended up in the ER. The attending physician gave me Pat's contact info. and informed me that she was very successful in what she does. Pat is very a very professional, caring, sincere person. My experience with her was nothing short of astounding. It was just one of those things that were just meant to happen. If you are a Christian, this was definitely a God thing. Pat excels in everything she does. Her calming demeanor, her awesome smile. She helped me see that I was worthy of respect, self-worth, and happiness. I could go on for hours about Pat and still not have enough time to point out all of her attributes.


You are amazing! I got on the plane and enjoyed myself! Not merely no panic, but I had fun! I can't thank you enough for helping me overcome my phobia.  Thank You!


I can highly recommend Pat Jones to anyone seeking highly professional and effective counseling. I recommend Pat based on my personal experience of her working with me, my wife and my family as well as numerous friends I have referred to her.

My friends, in every instance, have come back and thanked me for referring Pat. Most of these instances were friends who previously had bad experiences with other counselors or had found other counselors to be ineffective in helping them.

Like myself, my wife and my family they too found being in Pats care to be an effective, comfortable and healing experience. Shes the best!


Pat, just a note to let you know that your advice and wisdom has made all the difference in my life! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance with my depression, family dysfunction, business challenges, marital stress, and now teenagers!

Basically you have turned my life around many times over. I know that after a visit with you, I will always be wiser and more focused. Even though you have counseled me for more years than I want to acknowledge, I always feel that I can come back to you and never have to start over. You have been an invaluable part of my life, and I will always be grateful.

You are without a doubt......awesome!

I have been associated with Pat Jones for the past 17 years as her personal assistant,

Pat has always given tirelessly of herself to her clients above and beyond, in her care and treatment.

She has always maintained compassion, dignity, and integrity to everyone she has touched, and in the most Professional manner.

I have witnessed her managing to not only give of herself to her clients, but to continue to extend her knowledge in the latest Mental Health education. She is Board Certified in her field and dedicated to her profession.

Pat has been a personal treasure to me personally, I have grown and learned from her.

I walked into Pats office to save my second failing marriage. Little did I know that the appointment would change my life in ways I never thought possible.

I suffered from depression that nearly drove me to suicide. I had a life history of dependency relationships that arose from sex addiction that started when I was a child. I felt worthless. I was ashamed of things I had done in the past. I was fearful of the future. I spent my life trying to invent a self that I thought someone would want. I could never let anyone know who or what I believed I was.

I lived with the fear that I was so flawed that no one would want me for myself. I truly believed I was worthless. I was a died-in-the-wool atheist. I did not have faith in anything or anyone other than myself.

With Pats help I was able to rise above an abusive marriage, find self-worth, and ultimately resolve the issues that belied my sex addiction. I no longer feel shame over my past or fear the future.

I developed a faith in God that has never failed me on my road to recovery. I know I will always be cared for if I live in moment, tell the truth and trust in God.

I can walk up to anyone, look them straight in the eye and be myself. I no longer feel the need to settle for anything. I am free of the ghosts that haunted me all my life.

I highly recommend Pat Jones as a therapist!! She has been a tremendous help to me since I have been seeing her. In fact, everyone who knows me says that they have seen a huge change in me (for the better!!) and, although I have done the work to get there, I couldn't have done it without the guidance, support and ever-present gentle nature that Pat provides.

Don't misunderstand me, she knows when to be firm but the manner in which she conducts our session is very different than I have experienced with other therapists. When I am with Pat, I feel like I am part of the session and not sitting there listening to someone throw a lot of psycho-babble at me that really has nothing to do with what is really going on with me.

Pat is very intuitive and has come back to me with helpful suggestions that tell me that even when I am not in session, she is giving great thought about my issues and that means a lot to me!!

She asks all the right questions and yet doesn't expect me to have all the right answers - to sum it up, Pat is the best!!

Dr. Pat, as we call her, has helped everyone I have recommended to her as well as myself, she truly gives advise and direction that you can count on! If you want to fix your issue, she is the best I have ever seen.

DSB Atlanta, GA

I first met Pat Jones, I was a mess. I was seeing many doctors, including a psychologist. Those doctors had me on lots of pills. I was in a very deep depression. I wouldn't say I was suicidal, but I certainly did not care if I lived. I can only describe it as a deep hurting in my heart that would not go away. I was paranoid, scared to be alone, and could only watch World's Funniest Videos on TV. Even a lot of commercials were too violent or depressing for me. Silly, but this is true!

I went to my doctors, one by one, and their answer was to give me more medicine, on top of what I was on. I had no idea what was causing the depression - each doctor saying the other doctor's medicine was the culprit. I got to the point that I quit taking anything - I was desperate. My daughter and my husband were scared to death. Being an RN, my daughter knew I had to do something, so I went to her house with all my meds, and she looked them up in her medical books. She found all kinds of problems with the meds - just as I figured. Some were cancelling each other out, some were making others stronger - there were all kinds of effects.

Well, long story short, one of my doctors finally LISTENED TO ME, and believed as I did that something was terribly wrong. That doctor told me about Pat, but since it was the holiday season, I had to wait several days to see her. But just knowing someone finally believed me gave me some hope; I knew I wasn't crazy; I knew I shouldn't be paranoid; I knew I shouldn't be so scared.

The first time I met Pat, we just clicked. She was warm, and she also believed me, and she understood my dilemma. She, of course, didn't think I should just throw away all of my medications; I did need some of them.

started on the course back. My visits just flew by, and I had to see her fairly often at first. We had a lot to work through. Of course, a lot of things were bothering me, and one particular drug had just devastated me. I had the double whammy of getting the drug out of my system, as well as working on things that bother me, yes present tense. I'm a work in progress, but I am so much BETTER!

I still work through things, but she has taught me a number of tools with which to live with my problems. We've used hypnosis, tapping, and many relaxation techniques. I even had nervous tics CONSTANTLY when I started seeing her. I don't have them now. I don't know what would have happened to me if I had not met her. I just don't know. But I did, and I just appreciate her and what she has done for me. Thank you so much, Pat. You are my friend, as well as my therapist.



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