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We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.

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For more detailed, in depth information regarding Addiction, go to www. . There you will find more treatment options, alternatives, and recommendations as well as the opportunity to participate in the New Psychiatrist Forum with Dr. Floyd P. Garrett. We welcome your feedback.

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Addiction is stronger and more present today than ever before. Whether it is alcohol, recreational drugs (marijuana, cocaine), prescription drugs, sex, gambling, smoking or eating, the damage to individuals, families and businesses is significant. Addiction presents as a complicated condition with biological, physiological, psychological. behavioral and spiritual components.

Addiction has certain components

  • impaired control over drinking or taking drugs
  • a life focused around having access to alcohol or substance
  • use of alcohol or drugs without concern of adverse consequences
The number one symptom of addiction is Denial. The signs of addiction can be continuous or sporadic. It is seen primarily as a disease. The need to drink or use drugs takes precedence over all other life choices and can lead to all kinds of dishonest, self centered and irresponsible behavior. Abstinence, getting "clean" is the only way to deal with addiction.

This can be accomplished in several ways. It should not be done without help, however. Alcoholics Anonymous, Sex Anonymous,and Narcotics Anonymous are excellent avenues to use. "Just for today"--taking responsibility for one step towards sobriety is basic to recovery in AA. Help can, and many times should be provided by mental health professionals who are experienced in working with addiction.

Combining individual therapy along with the recovery group model is the ideal way to become sober. As also presented in the material in this web-site, spouses and families of addicted individuals have codependency issues. Al-Anon is the recovery group for spouses, friends, and families of alcoholics and drug addicted individuals. Many times this is essential for families in dealing with the inherent stress and trauma of living life with an addicted loved one. To deal with co-dependency, individual therapy helps significantly and is vital in the overall recovery model.



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